What is Dropfile?
Dropfile is simple service for anonymous sharing of files that need to be placed online only temporarily.
Who is our typical user?
Security conscious people and people that are aware that the Internet doesn't need to become a huge digital dump. It's ideal for sharing of your screenshots, vacation photos, videos.
Who can download my files?
Only people that you give download link to.
Can I manage my uploaded files?
Yes, you are given an access key for each uploaded file. You can access file management by adding a plus character to the download link (download link: https://dropfile.to/rKDfy, manage file: https://dropfile.to/rKDfy+) and entering access key given during upload.
Are there any limits?
You can upload up to 5 files at a time. Maximum supported file size is 1 GB. There are no download limits - your files can be downloaded simultaneously by unlimited number of people with unlimited speed.
How anonymous Dropfile really is?
We keep no logs on our side whatsoever. We don't use cookies, any kind of traffic tracking (Google Analytics), social media buttons that could track you (Facebook, Twitter) and have no ads that could track you.
Do you encrypt files?
No. If you require your files to be encrypted, you should do it yourself before upload.
I like this website, how can I support the cause?
You can either donate or simply share files with your friends through our service :)